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Midlothian Council - 10/10/2023

Tuesday, 10th October 2023 at 11:00am
Midlothian Council - 10/10/2023
10/10/2023 11:00:00

Recent Webcasts

Local Review Body - 25/09/2023

Monday, 25th September 2023 at 1:00pm
Local Review Body - 25/09/2023
25/09/2023 13:00:00

Midlothian Council - 13/09/2023

Wednesday, 13th September 2023 at 2:00pm
Midlothian Council - 13/09/2023
13/09/2023 14:00:00


Midlothian Council is committed to providing residents with an open and accessible decision-making process. Council and Planning Committee meetings where decisions on both Midlothian-wide and local issues are made will be webcast. You will now be able to see how decisions which affect you or your community are reached, without having to attend in person.

Recent and upcoming webcasts are displayed to the left of this page. To view, click on the title and the webcast will begin automatically. All webcast meetings will also be held in an online archive and can be accessed at any time by clicking on the Webcast library link above.


Webcasts are normally archived within two days of the meeting date. If you have missed any of our webcasts or would like to watch a section or meeting again, you can view the archive at any time. There are links in the webcast which allow you to jump to a specific agenda point or speaker.

Agendas and reports

You will also be able to view the agenda and associated reports as you watch the webcast.

Sharing features

Click the Share button at the top of a webcast player page to share the short link via social media sites or email. For a live webcast, these share features are available from the player page on the day of the webcast. For an archived webcast, you can also choose to share a particular agenda item.

Follow us on Twitter

You can follow Midlothian Council on Twitter and receive news updates and a reminder of when we will be webcasting meetings.

Feedback and Comments

We welcome your feedback and you can make comments using the feedback link above the webcast or email comments directly to Democratic.Services@midlothian.gov.uk.

Having Problems Viewing?

If you are having problems viewing our webcast you can use the Help page to find out more about webcasting, how it works, and what you will need to watch the service.


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